Brushing Clothes

Brushing is the first step in clothes care, it freshens the fabric and and removes lint, dust, pollen and other matter from the cloth. A lint roller is not a substitute for a clothes brush as a lint roller will only remove matter from a fabric’s surface. Brushing also removes embedded dirt below the surface, which may stiffen and damage the fabric.

It is especially important to brush clothes before pressing and steaming as the moisture will dissolve the dirt and drive it further into the fabric and can cause staining.

Brush with long strokes against the nap (usually from the bottom of the garment to the top) and then down using long strokes. For areas with stubborn matter flick the brush using your wrist. Never use a scrubbing motion (back and forth) or excessive force as this can damage the fabric. Remember, the point of brushing is to release dust from the fabric and remove other matter. It is not a method of deep cleaning.

Take care not to damage buttons, other fasteners or any decorative elements by hitting them with the brush handle. Never brush wet or damp fabrics as brushing may damage the fabric.

The Equipment List

  • Clothes Brush

  • Coat Hanger

  • Pants Hanger

  • Ironing Board or Table

1. Remove the belt and any items from all the pockets 

2.  Brush the neck area of the collar, outer and back

3. Place the jacket on a table, ironing board or coat hanger

4. Brush the inside of the hip pockets

5. Brush the shoulders. Brush the front and back of each sleeve.

6. Brush the back, the lapels and the front.

7. Steps for the pants (trousers) 

8. Lay the pants flat on a table or ironing board (leg on leg)

9. Brush the inside of the other leg

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