How To Care For Dinner Candles

Whether a formal dinner or a family gathering, candles can help to set the tone of an event. Chris gives his tips on preparing, setting and tips for extinguishing candles at the end of an event.

Equipment Needed

  • Candlestick

  • Candle

  • Candle adhesive (wax buttons)

  • Scissors

  • Bobeche

  • Foil

  • Food Wrap

  • Lighter

  • Candle snuffer

  • Spirit level

  • Ruler

Steps Involved

1. Remove all packaging and check the candlestick

2. Trim the wick 1/4” (7mm)

3. Insert the candle into the base of the candlestick

4. If necessary, adjust the candle base to secure

5. Place on table and ensure candle is upright

6. Place Bobeche

7. Light the candle and check the flame

8. Extinguishing

9. Allow the wax to cool before moving

10. Reusing Candles

11. Storing Candles

12. What causes the wax to drip?

13. Candle safety

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