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Let’s face it, most people find housekeeping a chore and would gladly hand over the responsibility to someone else, but short of hiring a housekeeper or living in a hotel the chances are there’s not enough in your budget for staff and you end up doing it yourself. So what equipment do you really need to keep you space clean? I have listed six items you need to keep your home clean, it’s a basic kit and the items are easily obtained and stored. I will go into each item in more depth in further posts as well as add more items you may need.

Wherever possible I purchase environmentally friendly products and equipment. If you take care of your cleaning equipment it should last a long time, after all who likes spending on such mundane items? I also weigh up the environmental impact of my equipment, by repurposing my old t-shirts I completely cut out the environmentally harmful process of producing a new one, and in my opinion there is no better cloth. Fabric production has a negative environmental impact, natural fibers for instance use a lot of water and pesticides and synthetic fabric is often derived from petro chemicals, but unlike natural fibers, synthetics are plastic and not biodegradable. Washing produces lint, we usually see it in our dryer’s vent filter, but a lot of plastic fibers are pumped out of the clothes washer (along with cleaning chemicals) into the water system where small marine organisms ingest it and introduce toxic pollutants into the food chain.

The Equipment List

  • Vacuum

  • Cloths (Rags)

  • Brushes

  • Bucket or Dishpan

  • Floor Mop / Floor Duster

  • Squeegee

1. Vacuum

2. Cloths (Rags)

3. Brushes

4. Bucket (or a Dishpan or Bowl)

5. Floor Mop/Duster

6. Squeegee

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