Shoe Care

Cleaning and polishing your shoes not only make them look good it also protects them so they will last longer. Shoe polish nourishes the leather and offers some protection from rain and is available in different colors to match the leather. Neutral polish is good for multicolored shoes, or if you simply want to protect the leather but retain their patina. 

With a little practice it should only take about five minutes to clean and polish a pair of shoes.

The Equipment List

  • Shoe Trees

  • Cotton Cloths

  • Micro fiber cloth (optional)

  • Dust Brush

  • Welt Brush or Toothbrush

  • Jar of Shoe Cream

  • Polishing Brush

1. Brush off any dust

2. Check the shoes for damage

3. Remove the shoe trees and laces

4. Dust the tongue and behind the lace holes

5. Wipe with a damp cloth-including the instep. 

6. Polish the welt with a welt brush or toothbrush

7. Apply shoe cream or polish

8. Brush wax off or allow polish to soak in for up to 24 hours 

9. Brush shoes to remove excess wax (shoes will begin to shine)

10. Brush shoes to remove excess wax (shoes will begin to shine)

11. Finally Replace Back The Laces

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