How To Clean Up Pet Urine

Thoroughly cleaning up pet urine quickly and properly is important for removing unsightly marks from carpets and neutralizing the unpleasant odor, which will only intensify over time as the urine decomposes.


Removing urine from an area rug is far easier than a fitted carpet (wall-to-wall). You may be able to remove the stain from a fitted carpets’ surface, but it’s important to neutralize the urine soaked padding and subfloor below. Fortunately, this can be achieved without having to pull up the carpet, or even having to move any furniture.

 Leaving even a small trace of urine odor will encourage your pet to reoffend and they continue to mark the spot. Worse still, your other pets (and even a visiting dog) will add their scent to the spot

Fortunately, it is easy to remove pet pee with readily available products and little effort.

Equipment Needed

  • Paper towel (can be recycled paper)

  • White cotton terry rags (to save using paper towel)

  • A bucket or container for used cloths

  • White vinegar

  • Pet safe enzyme cleaner (such as Nature’s Miracle)

  • Water

  • Container to mix vinegar and water

  • Gloves

  • Fan for faster drying drying

Steps Involved

If the urine has fully soaked in (say overnight) proceed to the treating step.

1. Soak Up the Urine

2. Treating

3. Area Rugs

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