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Dinner Candles (Tapers). How-to

Candles are simple and elegant accessories that help complete the setup of any table.

( Dinner Candles (Tapers). How-to.pdf )

But presentation, maintenance and safety are all important things to keep in mind.

In this instructional video,

Chris demonstrates everything you’ll ever need to know for the assembly and care of your candles and candlesticks. Some of the things you will need and learn are

1. Remove all packaging material and check the candlestick

2. Trim the wick 1/4” (7mm)

3. Insert the candle into the base of the candlestick

4. If necessary adjust the candle base to secure

5. Place on table

6. Ensure candle is upright

7. Place Bobeche

8. Light the candle and check the flame

9. Extinguishing

10. Allow the wax to cool before moving

11. Reusing

12. Storing

13. What causes the wax to drip?

14. Candle Safety

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