Home and Lifestyle Consultant &

Staff Trainer

Services Offered

  • Staff training, House Managers, Butlers, Valets, Housekeepers

  • Hotel and Restaurant Training to take staff to the "next-level" 

  • Residence and staffing assessments 

  • Home organization and schedules 

  • Communication between Principal(s) Home and Office Staff 

  • Household policies and procedures 

  • Creating an estate manual 

His insightful approach has earned him the reputation of one of the world’s most respected authorities on running a proper and truly harmonious home. It is with both pride and satisfaction that he shares his knowledge and invaluable consulting services. Here are some times that you may want to consider his consulting services:

  • When a home is being built to determine optimal service performance and flow 

  • When a home is being decorated to select fabrics, accessories and furniture that a staff can best care for to ensure longevity 

  • When a homeowner is hiring staff to advise on types of service needed, levels required and recommended personalities that suit the home 

  • When current staff and homeowner need communication facilitation and/or to improve a working relationship 

  • When staff requires advanced training in ways of service that impeccably meet the needs of the home, inhabitants and guests 

  • When a home has a passionate interest to “go green” and eradicate toxic chemicals cleaners for the safety and health of all who live there 

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Chris Ely Butler
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Chris Ely is a professional butler and estate manager with proficiencies of the highest standards. Throughout his incomparable thirty-year career... ( Photo: Aeric Meredith -Goujon )


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